Behavior Of Human Beings

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Behaviour of human beings

In a daily life the most important thing is the nature and behaviour of the human beings how you behave with others. People judge you on the basis of your behaviour no matter what how are your physical appearance.

Behaviour depends on many things like some are genetic which can’t change, some comes on the basis of in which surrounding you live. How you treat anyone, how you think, manner, attitude, knowledge of your mind, how you analysis the situation and then react, thinking, mind-set etc.
You can judge everyone one the basis of his/her behaviour no matter what if he/she is very rich or poor. People can only change his/her physical appearance but can’t change his behaviour.

Generally people judge by physical appearance. The accuracy of that judgement is only 50-50 you can’t say anything just by how he/she looks because it may be when you watch them they are in some issue or something else.
If a person is rich and well-educated then it is not necessary that his/her behaviour is good. May be he is rude, anger or may be he/she is a good person. Same as if a beggar is begging then it doesn’t mean that his behaviour is not good may be due to family issue he is begging.

A very common phrase is "Don’t judge a book by it’s cover".

Some common method to judge any one behaviours:-
Most common method is by physical appearance.

Spend some time with him.

Talk and mind his reaction.

Give some importance to him in starting and then ignore him.

Do all things which you do with your own people like make happy, respect him, like him if you want but not for time pass, sometime make him anger just for fun not seriously because you don’t know how he/she will react at that situation.
These are some method which I personally use to judge people behaviour and nature of that person and maximum time my accuracy is above 90%.  You can’t understand anyone 100% because even you don’t know you 100% behaviour. Life is so uncertain you don’t know what will happen in future.
So your behaviour may be change it depends on the situation. At that time you will do anything which you don’t do usually so that you can’t understand everyone 100%.
Behaviour of human change any time some time you like to do anything but some time you don’t like to do that work.

Let’s take an example how a human behaviour change.

If a person behaviour is polite he don’t like to fight or don’t abuse anyone. If he is doing any work and you disturb first time they will ignore you but if you do it for 2-3 times he will ignore or say please don’t do but you continue teasing him then the polite person also get violent and may abuse for do something else you don’t know what will be his reaction.
Something Special My point of view

Sometime people notice everything but don’t react anything then it doesn’t mean he ignore you it may be he want that you talk to him, spend some time with him basically he likes you a lot but due to some reason he can’t say or do any things. These type of peoples are very sensitive, just want you. Some time they try to say but that person don’t want to listen then at that time you anger a lot on her but sudden you realise you can’t do anything then your anger goes automatically. That type of people start living alone because they expect more than what he don’t get actually.
This topic is something different but it also depend on the other person behaviour due to her his behaviour changed for other. Some people ignore and go forward and some stick on them and do unusual task like harm himself for her that’s very bad way you can’t force anyone to like or love you. 

Every one say "first impression is last impression", but with the help of first impression you can’t judge anyone. In any interview if your first impression is not good no worry the interviewer don’t judge you one the basis of first impression. If you are little weak in technical but throughout the session your behaviour is good then you will select easily but you are expert in technical but your behaviour is not up to the mark then interviewer will reject you. 

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