How To Earn Money Online

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How to earn money online?

No matter you are young, a student, old you can earn money easily online at any stage of your life no need to worry about money. I am here to give you an idea which will help you earn money most simply. There are many ways through which we can earn money easily without any mental pressure if you want to know to be with me we will know the simplest way to earn money easily at home no need to go anywhere, no need to work under anywhere just by following my trick you can easily earn around $300 to $400 it depends on person to person. If you are dedicated to your passion then you can increase but if you are not then you can’t get that amount of dollar.

In the current time, the simplest way to earn money online is by blogging, around millions of people earning money through blogs. Now you have many questions in your mind no worry I am here to answer your every question like these:-

How to write blogs?

This is the common question we will face when anyone suggests writing blogs because in starting we are confused on which topics we need to write, how to collect information about those topics, many people have already written on the same topics, no one will read my blogs, how will anyone react if I have done any mistakes in my blogs. How will I earn money through blogs? 

These are common things we will face when we start to think about blog writing just ignore these things because till you put these nonsense things in your mind you can’t write a single word of blog. 

Now I am answering your every question

1.    In which topics do I write blogs
•    Cricket
•    Health tips
•    Yoga
•    Personal feelings
•    Fashion
•    Entertainment
•    News
•    Technology
•    Finance
•    Motivation
•    Business startups
•    Experience
•    Management

These are some common topics on which you can write blogs and these topics are very common if you can write unique, relevant, and user-friendly content then your blog will easily reach maximum people through google. If your content is unique google will automatically suggest your blogs to read you don’t need to do extra for a lot of views. As I said already these are common topics which are searched millions of times in a day.

2.    how to collect information about those topics?

You can collect every information from google there is a lot of information already available on google. No need to worry that already information is available on google it may be some information you know which are not mentioned in that blog or article and if you add that things in your blog and when the user read that blog then he will appreciate you for giving extra information about that topics. If Google sees good engagement on that blog then Google will automatically rank on the top of the table to get more people that information.

3.    No one will read my blog
Forget this word from your mind because if your content is unique and relevant then everyone will love your content.

4.    How will anyone react if I have done any mistakes in my blogs?

If you are just scared of what people say if you will do any mistake then you need to wake up because no matter you are good or bad, free or busy people will always try to find the threat in you, not your good things. Forget these words from your mind and impress them with your work.

5.    How will I earn money through blogs?

This is the main question which will disturb more than any other point because of how anyone can earn money just by writing blogs. The answer is if your blog is unique & relevant then many people will read your blogs and earn knowledge, even in future they will reach your blogs to know about any topics if you have already written because earlier they get valuable content in your blog, so they will visit again for more knowledge.

This is called engagement that people start liking your blog now if any blog is not up to that level still you will get lots of views.

Now at that point, you have the audience but still, a point in the whole scenario where is the money? How will I get money or make money? The simplest way is by google AdSense. The simplest safest way to make money but you can only make good money when you have a good number of an audience because if you don’t have an audience then you can’t earn money. 

Google AdSense is a platform through which google advertises consumers’ products online. You don’t need to worry if you have a good audience and unique content, the rest of the work will google automatically handle they know very well what’s your interest, what you like, and what you don’t. There is another way if you have a good audience then people will also reach you to advertise their products on your website, you can demand as per your audience. 

You just need a domain and hosting there are many domains and hosting providers through which you can buy a domain and hosting for your site. Keep in mind one thing that is in starting don’t buy any costly things if everything will good then you can buy anything in future.

"One more important thing that you must keep in mind is that you need to be patience but this is very hard and very important, especially in starting because that time is very crucial. If you can manage that situation then you will get success 100% this is my guarantee you will never regret it but hard work is important"

If you do have not a good audience then don’t worry but if your content is copied or not relevant then you need to worry because as I said earlier google ranks relevant content on the top of the table so it is easy to make an audience if you are dedicated to your work and content.

There are many other ways to earn money online but the above way is very simple and anyone can do it because everyone’s mentality is totally different so you can easily write unique content on the same topics.

Some other ways you can also try are content writing, freelancing work, selling your products online, graphics works, travel agent, translator, insurance agent, and app and website tester, online tutor, data entry, survey job, virtual mentor.

These are the way through which you can earn money easily without doing too much it can manage to do work on this just for 2-3 hours per day or alternate day then you can earn good amount of money.

Thanks for being here if you get some genuine information then please comment and share with your friends and also subscribe to my newsletter for upcoming blogs update. 

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