How To Make SEO Friendly Website

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How to make SEO friendly website?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. The several things we need to keep in mind while you are building a website and also after creating a good SEO-friendly website we need to do on-page & off-page SEO for making it more SEO friendly. Why we do SEO we will discuss later because without a website you can’t do any SEO.

If you have already a website but are not SEO friendly then it will be hard to get a good rank on google because google analysis many things before indexing any page or site to google. We will discuss what we need to do if you have already a website but first, we will begin with starting means you don’t have any website first you build then do anything.

All points you need to keep in mind are:-
1.    Make a genuine title related to your content because it is must important otherwise if you miss the title then their will URL will be shown in the address bar which is not relevant, user-friendly and google ignores that page.

2.    Give keywords and descriptions according to your content that relates to your content means anyone can easily understand what will be on that page. If your keywords and description are not matched with your content then if the user visits your site by reading your keywords and description but your content is totally different then the user will go back. This will increase your website bounce rate and if the bounce rate increase then your site rank will be directly affected.

3.    If you are building your website on any server not locally then you must mention the Google no-index Meta tag. This will prevent getting indexed before your website is ready. If you are thinking that it is good that my website is indexed before getting live then you need to know one point that Google will not crawl your website second quickly and also at production time it may be you are using dummy text then your site will consider by google as a copied site. It means your site can’t get indexed easily.

4.    Include only necessary CSS, font & icon files in the head section because before your website load your CSS files will be loaded.

5.     Don’t include JavaScript files in the head section if not necessary or if you mentioned already then defer or async the file to get loaded after your page load. Keep one thing in mind only defer or async if that file is not necessary on your page to render otherwise it will break the layout of your website. Keep your JavaScript file in the footer also minify the CSS & JavaScript file before doing live on any server.

6.    If you are thinking about google analytics and AdSense that must be in the head section then don’t worry that JavaScript files are already deferred.

7.    Use only one H1 tag for a page don’t use more than 1 and it is better to use the same title and H1 for better results.

8.    You can use another heading tag more than one time but not H1.

9.    Keep your text and background simple which makes it user-friendly don’t use any bad color combinations..

10.    Use an image for your page that is relevant to your page because the only text is not user-friendly. Visual make an extra impact on your content. Keep in mind that don’t use only images or text keep a balance combination.

11.    The important thing you need to keep in mind is to keep your images optimized for better performance. If you need to show a 250px*200px image then don’t use a 1080px*720px image because it will be heavy in size compared to a 250px*200px image also if your image is big but you have already defined the height and width then it will take time to adjust, your image will not visible properly. Optimize the image as much as you can this will directly affect your page speed so keep your image light for better performance. 

12.    Defer an off-screen image of the page. It means only loading the image when that particular area is visible to the screen just by adding loading=” lazy” in the img tag.

13.    Always use height & width in the img tag.

14.    Don’t use many sliders on your page keep only one slider with limited items.

15.    If you want to add video then embed don’t directly store it on your server because that will capture your disk and decrease your site speed. Upload your video on YouTube and simply embed it on your site.

16.    Keep your page light if your page has a lot of content then no matter but if you have a lot of media then you need to worry.

17.    Keep minimum HTTP requests on the site the recommended request is not above 20. HTTP request means the files and images are loaded while loading the page.

18.    Don’t use inline CSS it doesn’t matter a lot but for good experience using a separate style sheet for styling any element.

19.    Remove all useless content, links, and pages from the project before going live.

20.    Don’t use an add-on plugin for small work. If the task is small then manually build instead of using any plugin.

21.    After making your page save the page with the name of the title of the page for better results.

22.    Don’t use uppercase, space, commas, underscore, symbol, and spaces in URL. If you have a big title then you can do like this. If your page title is “how to make SEO friendly website” then save the page with the name “how-to-make-seo-friendly-website” only hyphen is SEO friendly. 

If you follow all the above points then your website is automatically fully optimized and ready to go live without any problem.

What should you do if you already have a website how to make that website SEO-friendly?
The best way is to take help from an expert like me. The common problem by which people can’t get proper rank due to the speed and format of the website. The expert will go through the code and give an idea of what should you need to do for better performance. The suggestion is like image optimization, video embedding, removing useless code or JavaScript files, SEO-friendly URLs, etc.

It is a little bit tough to optimize the existing site because you need to study every single code used in the website because if you remove any part of the code then you don’t get the error after removing the block of code. You can’t remove some blocks of code because of a theme. You can’t optimize 100% but if you are given the work to experts then they will optimize your site up to 80-90%.

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