Failure Is More Important Than Success

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Failure is more important than success

Failure is more important than success because if you don’t know the importance of failure then you will never get success in your life. Success comes after failure. If you want success than you must know the importance of failure.

Importance of failure before success

There are only 0.0001% people in the world who don’t face failure in their life rest of every one face failure in their life. If you get success easily than you never understand the importance of that success but if you try hard for the success and get failure many time but you never lose hope and try again and again then finally you get success. At that time you don’t only get success but with success you also get to much experience and that experience will help you a lot in future.

Now let’s compare both people one who got easily success and another one get success with the help of hard work. The difference is first one has only success but they don’t have any experience in the other hand the second person face to many failure then he get success with lots of experience.

Now why I say failure is more important than success because when you get failure no one is with you but if you have positive attitude then you will find the reason of failure or your mistake and try to overcome from the mistake. When you understand how to solve that problem then in future you easily solve the problem. If you don’t get success for many try but you work on the reason behind the failure then when you get success then the work on your mistake will helps a lot in future, which may help in panic situation because you already handle it. In first person situation they can’t handle and the success will come into failure.

Let understand the experience with an example if you have to at any place like New Delhi railway station then if you reach your destination easily then you only know one way for your destination but if you lost first time or many time then you try to get your destination at that condition and finally after many try you reached your destination.

The conclusion of this example is the first person know only one way to do work but the other one know many alternate way for the same work. If first person way will don’t work then he will definitely get failed in his work but the other has another way for the same problem because he already faced it.

These are some reason why we need the importance of failure before success. If we are working on our failure then it means we are making our base stronger. If your base is strong then you don’t fear to go high without anyone support. Be like a banyan tree try but don’t like a palm tree. If anyone try to destroy your base then they get confused to find the source of base but if your base like a banyan tree but if your base is like palm tree then in any one easily destroy you.

Let’s talk about some famous company who failed in past but in now a days they are the kings of market.

Apple current biggest company net worth in 2021 is US$ 351.02 billion. In the market of electronic device with A+ privacy and security currently a very success company but around 1980s Apple Company lose a very big amount they launched any product but due to any problem they can’t ready their products on target launch due to this the lose a big amount. Founder of Apple is Steve Jobs. I don’t go deeper because already many post on this topics.

Next the alien man called Elon Musk CEO of Tesla motors the youth icon whose net worth is around US$ 335 billion.  You all listen the failure story of space X how he faced 3 times rocket mission failure but they never give up and now he is the most success and valuable person in the world. Not only in space X but also in car like tesla first electric vehicle and then with auto pilot. If you don’t know a small story about tesla then listen in starting every 11th or 12th person who has tesla switch back to petrol diesel vehicle. When Elon musk know about this then he realize that there are only few charger station and they need to wait for charging then do you know what he did? Comment if you know else I am here to tell you. They make restaurants on every charging station now when people come the station for charging then they like to spend some time in restaurant and if he/she stay in restaurant then he order something, now Elon musk start earing by tesla and also with restaurant. This is called a business mind it only comes with experience otherwise you can’t think at this level.

Experience comes with time and it depends person to person like:-

How sharp mind he has?
How he handle the situation?
How he solve the problem? Or get rid of the problem.
Is he has ability to make their own logic?

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