How Google Know The Perfect Ads For You

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How Google know the perfect ads for you?

Do you know how google know the exact things what you want while you surfing on the internet. How google show the ads of your interest. You believe or not google know your behaviour better than your family and close one.

Let’s discuss how google works behind the scene and what’s going on the world in the field of marketing or business:-

Google start tracking you from the first click or search on the internet. In common world we know people with their name but in google know everyone with the unique Id. If you are from developing department like I am then you must know the importance of Id. The same logic used by google.

Till we don’t register your self with email or accept cookies google can’t track as much as when you register or accept cookies but it doesn’t mean they don’t know show add related you. There are many way through which google track you which are by

1. With the help of your recent search
2. With the help of your visited to any site
3. With the help of engagement with any post, article, photos, videos or many things.
4. With the help of cookies stored on your browser.
5. With the help of your history.

This are the basic way through which google track you. No matter what if you clean cache or don’t sign in google will show the perfect ads for you?

You notice a simple thing that when you visit some sites then it ask you to accept cookies. If you know what is cookies then well done but if you don’t then don’t worry I am here to help you to understand what this is why it is used and the main purpose behind this?

What is Cookies?

Cookies means a small packets or bunch of data which prepare on the basis your browsing on the sites. Like where you visit how much time you spend on any page, where you click all data stored in your cache.

What is the work of cookies and why it is used?

Now the cookies stored in your cache at your first visit of the site with the help of your activity now when you visit second time on the same site you will get result on the basis of your last activity. 
Let’s understand with amazon when you search for any product for the first time then it store in your cache and on second visit you will get your recent searched product or related products.
This is the simplest way to understand the use of cookies, but in the case of google. They track your every activity on the internet and on the basis of your activity it will show ads. Google not only use cookies but also use your general information, age, locality e.t.c to analyse you. If you are students and you search for any collage or courses then after some time when you visit any site then there are 90-95% chance that you will get ads regarding your search. Even you noticed some time that you are thinking for anything and start browsing then you get suggestion or related ads.

Some points you must need to know :-

Now at that time you can ask how google know what I am thinking. Sometime you listen many software use your mic and camera to analyse you and show ads regarding your activity but these are useless talk. Personally I don’t believe on these talks but it can be happen in the future because current technology is very advance you never know how smart your device is? 

Let’s understand the logic behind this in current generation we spent a lot of time on internet and use many apps in daily life and every apps share some data with each other’s like our activity how we use their apps. Many thoughts comes in our mind after watching something on the social media and after watching this we think something and start browsing. Meanwhile behind the scene the data stored in your wish list or interested list on the basis of your engagement now when you search about that topic then google automatically recommending you about that topics and showing ads regarding that topics. 

In current generation social media apps there are millions of AI bots working behind the scene which are made just to track activity of user. These bots are very advance you noticed many time on Instagram when you like any reel then Instagram automatically start recommending that type of video. Let’s think if a social media can track these things then google can track you on which level.

Around 80-85% people in the world use google. There are billions of people get help from google.

Cross Platform Data Sharing

In current life if we get any problems we search that problem on the google and maximum time we get solution. Now you can imagine the power of google. Generally around 50 query we asked to google daily. Google use these data and show ads on the basis of your query. The accuracy of their query is around 90-95%.

If you want to know what google stored in your interest then you must signed on the browser then follow the steps:-

Search ads setting in google or follow the link  

Scroll down the page you will see many things are added in Ad Personalization.

Now if you don’t want to be tracked by google then turn off the Ad Personalization.

Note: - If you turned off your ad personalization then it doesn’t mean google can’t track you. As I told you earlier there are many others way through which google track you and the main thing is cross platform data sharing. The main source of tracking you is cross platform data sharing.

If you want that you can’t get track by any social media apps or google then the easiest way is to stop using social media and google in simple word quit internet you can’t get track. The simple solution .

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