How To Teach Current Generation Children

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How to teach current generation children?

In current generation the biggest mistake we do is what we have done in our past, we don't want our younger children will do.

This is the biggest problem I know that your condition or current generation children situations are not same but you can't stop for that work which you done in your childhood time directly but yes there are many way through which you can stop anyone to do that type of task.

Before we know what the way through which we can stop, we need to concentrate on this point:-

A few things you can't understand before a specific time like if you are saying to children that you must concentrate on your study instead of playing then he/she can't understand at that time no matter you teach him with love or anger. They will understand that things when he/she passed out minimum Intermediate degree or being matured.
When he/she get matured and get problem due to their study or if he/she don't get good marks and get problem in higher studies or any work at that time they realise that our parents were right. I need to focus on studies instead of anything else at that time then I will achieve good marks and get more opportunities in my life.

Some possible way through which you can try that may help:-

1. With love try to teach them that why it is very important and what happen with you when you don’t follow your guardian instruction in childhood.
2. Give greed for what he/she want because some time it works.
3. Anger on children not actually drama like you are angry with your child. May be this work when you don’t talk with them.
4. The best way do that work what you want that your children this method works 99% because children are always try to do copy of others, So try this way this will defiantly work.
5. Don’t pressure them to do study try to teach them when they are playing. Start playing with him and teach them while playing.

If you try all way but your children don’t change their behaviour then it may be he/she don’t want to change or he/she is in wrong environment.

Environment play big role in any one life no matter you are young or old if you are not in good environment then you will get affected by the people. You know very well that "a single rotten mongo make all mango rotten in the basket".

Always monitor your children that how is his environment when he/she is out of house because it will affect if you don’t care on this. Due to unusual environment or bad people they get affected by them. Like when they watch people doing bad work then at that time they don’t have too much knowledge about good or bad work so they think that front guy is doing good work so they start doing copy of them. If you monitor your children then you will stop them from that work but if you are not monitoring then they get affected by that.

In current generation too much love, anger or care harm your children because 

If you love or care so much and doing all work what your children want then it will affect your child life in upcoming time because it’s not fixed that you are in same condition in future and fulfil their all demands at that time they don’t realise your situation.

If you always scold your children then it make bad impact on your children life in upcoming time because in future if he/she is in problem then they don’t capable to tell you about this and get mentally disturb. May be in future then don’t like you and live alone.

The best way is do both thing love and scold. If your children done any good work then bless them but if he/she did any bad work then scold him then realize them what they did with love. 

Most crucial time any children is 2-5 years because at that time their mind grow very fast and they start doing copycat of their surrounding people so keep your eyes on your child that they are in good environment. It doesn’t mean that you don’t care after 5 years. You always need to monitor him either he/she is young or mature because some time people get distracted at maturity time due to some hormonal changes in body and wrong environment.

Always remember that childrens first teacher is their parents then anyone so be a good teacher because if you monitor you children in their crucial stage then it may be that they don’t get affected by the wrong environment or people. give knowledge about good and and bad work so they can understand which work is good and which is not good.

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