Money Management

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What is Money management?

Money management is very important in everyone life if you don’t do this then you are doing very big mistake. If you don’t know how to use your money in proper way on the basis of your need then you are just wasting your money.

Let’s talk about some common mistake which we usually do which are:-

1. Some time we waste our money just for fun or in showoff.
2. Some time we buy food even we are not hungry.
3. Some time we buy useless thing which we don’t need in daily life.

These are some common mistake we do in our daily life. We need to be careful before doing these types of mistake. It doesn’t mean if you are hungry and you have money but you don’t buy food because you want to save money or you remember that I told you don’t waste money (just kidding).

Don’t kill the appetite just to save money because we are doing any work in world just for food if you don’t get food then it I wastage of money. If we doing any struggle in our then there is only one motive hunger. Always keep you in a mind that your budget don’t exceed your budget if it is not necessary. Don’t mind your budget if someone is asking for food because it may if you help then almighty get impress and give you a lot.

Always try to help the person who genuinely need otherwise don’t because in today time people beg for drinking or for bad things, so don’t help these types of people. At present time these types of people a lot so we can’t get clarify how to get difference between the genuine person who really need the money and the other just acting to get money. If you want a blog on that topic please comment down.

Current generation situations

In current generation if you have money then everyone loves you, appreciate you, talk with you, spent times with you, there are many people who cares about you, all are ready to help you just because you have money but if you don’t have money then care, love or help you even if you have money but due to some reason you lose your money at that those person who always ready to help you they also turn their mouth or pretend like he/she don’t know you and start ignoring you.

In current generation if you have money then you are the king else you are just a beggar. These are the some reason why we need to manage our money in correct way. If you have time then read success people biography that how he/she manage their life in any situation in every condition.

Today’s every big company face failure then that company get success at failure they have nothing specially money but how he manage their money in right way and now maximum people like their products. The most failure and now very success companies are like SpaceX/Tesla (Elon Musk), Apple e.t.c. We will discuss about these companies in future how he manage to become failure to success.

Small saving make a big difference with time

Now let’s talk about how to manage your money no matter how much earn either just a little or too much money management is important for both of them. May be you have question if you have a lot of money then why you need to manage your money or stop doing waste of money. The answer is money is like a sand a small storm will fly all sand. The big point is if you have little then you can get it easily in just few days or in a week but if you have too much then you need a lot of time to get your money back.

Money depends person to person if you distribute the same amount of money to two different people and you give permission that they can use that money as per his/her choice no one is going interfere them. You know what will be the outcomes. If you know comment down below.

The result depends on the behavior of that person if anyone is sharp minded then he will use that money in any business and earn more but if a person get that amount of money first time then they think how to use this money.

The difference is one person do business of that money and make extra money but second person use the money and now he has nothing.

No matter how much you earn save a little bit every day, if not possible every day then in a week or in a month. Either it just ₹ 1 you save daily then you imagine that in 1 year you manage to save ₹ 365 it is enough to fulfill your need for 1-2 days.(Don’t laugh if you have a lot of money and you spent daily ₹ 1000-2000 this is for general people like me).

Just think how much important is money management if you start with little then it is not necessary that you will always earn little, your income depends on your hard work, patience, and positive attitude slowly but it will increase then save money more as per your need. Just imagine by only a small amount you can manage to survive 1-2 days then if your saving is little more than how much you can save.

Let’s take an example if you are saving a little amount of your income, one time in your life something unusual happen then that little amount will be like a gift of almighty. The most common phrase you listen is “Something is better than nothing”.

In India around every 2nd or 3rd person belongs to middle class that’s why need to know how to survive our life in little amount and how to make little amount in big amount.

In this world there are 4 types of people which are:-

1. One person they have nothing and don’t showoff but other one they also have nothing but do showoff.
2. One person they have everything but don’t showoff but other one has everything and doing showoff.

If in 2nd condition the person is doing showoff then I don’t think he will get affect but you have nothing or something and showoff then you will definitely loss everything what you have come to road.

The conclusion is do showoff only when if you have a lot and you are not going affected by any type of loss otherwise please don’t do because you don’t know how will be your future. It may be you will get to much money in future or come to road who knows. So it is necessary that keep you in mind that "spread your feet as much you have sheet "(PAW UTNA HI FELAYE JITNA CHADAR HO). 

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