Time Management

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What is time management?

Time management means how you manage your time, how you divide your times on the basis of work. How you determine that which work is more important, how much time it need to finish the work or if the work can be hold then for how much time it will be on hold, determine which work is more important and which we need to do first.

Every human being has only 24 hours per day. Some people achieve everything which he want and also get some free time to enjoy and do something for fun what he/she like or some manage to get everything what he want but don’t get extra time for enjoyment or some try to get everything but get something but rest of people like us don’t get any things.

If anyone give some work then the first things is with annoying face what is this? Should I need to do now? Is it important? Can I do it latter? When we get answer of all stupid question and after get forced by senior or boss (If you are in office) / parents or elder guardian (If you are at home) / by teacher (if you are at school) then you start doing work. Due to this type of behavior we can’t get our desire target.

Sometime automatically or by someone suggestion we get curious and try to manage our time by motivational video but that type of motivation don’t last long.

This type of motivation can’t change yourself because in motivation video the motivational speaker talk about his/her experience how he manage and overcome from their situation. Your life is totally different from motivational speaker so if you get same problem in future then it’s not possible that you apply the same method to overcome from the situation.

If you want to be success then it is very important to manage your time on the basis of your work, no matter how old or young you are everyone need to manage their time.

If you start manage your time from the beginning means when you are around 10-12 years at that time you are able to understand many thing. 

If you are in school then how much time you spent in school, tuition, studying and also manage to get some time for playing because it is very important part of life. Especially outdoor games help a lot in mind refreshment which boost your energy a lot. With refresh mind you can do your work smartly.

If you are working then if you are just doing 9 to 5 job then you never get your all desire. You will always stuck at one position when you get salary you think to do many things and after some time when you spent your all money then you will wait for next month salary to do anything.

If you want to be success then you need to manage your time after your office because success will not be served in your plate, you need to fight for them.

Some steps you need to do for time management which may help:-

 1. First of all make a routine as per your daily schedule (very important)*

2. Wake up early in the morning

3. Remember almighty then do some exercise if possible spent some time outside the house.

4. Do your important work like studying or somethings because in morning mind work fast and smartly.

5.After that do your daily schedule as per your life.

6. In evening if possible walk for 10-15 minutes which help you get rid from the stress of the day.

7. Spent some time with your favorite person because it is also important .

8. In night do some time work on your desire instead of office work or something else?

9. Go to bed early don’t work late in night if not necessary because for fresh mind and healthy life you must sleep 6-8 hours every night.

10 .If you get any work don’t ignore just do it.

11. Never ignore your work by saying I will do it latter.

12. If you get any good idea at any time execute them but if it is not possible write that work somewhere which we get easily.

13. Don’t waste time in these types of work.

14. Never use your phone if you have some free time before work because it may be you will forget your work.

15. Don’t do long talk on phone if not necessary with anyone because I don’t think anyone call and talk to his parent for 1-2 hours in just 2-3 minutes they end talk with their parents but he/she talking with GF/BF whole night but conversation doesn’t end these goes daily. It just a waste of time.

If you waste you’re your today time then you definitely regret tomorrow why you waste your time yesterday? If you want to be success then start walking with time not to early not too late because you can’t get anything earlier or if you missed it.

Utilize your time in good stuff instead of anything. Current generation just want success they don’t want to do hard work but they don’t know "even your mother don’t give her milk if you don’t cry".

So without hard work you never get any success. People say work smartly don’t do like a labor but don’t forget you can’t do smartly without expertise and expertise comes with hard work and after certain time.

If you follow these rules then you definitely do something.

"The one thing I want to say that I know everything because these all lines come from my thinking but I only follow something. Specially about routine in earlier days at the time of school I was made many routine and paste it in front of my bed that it always remind me what to do next but the funny part is I never follow that routines but you can if you try your best because if you don’t then your condition will same like me."

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