What Is Life

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What is life?

Life is a beautiful journey which we need to enjoy. If we imagine our life with sun then as like sun start his journey from east and end the journey to the west.Life is very uncertain if you think that everything is good then stay alert it's a silence before the storm coming.

What is the importance of life? 

Life is the biggest lie in the world because it will ends any time but everyone love their life. No one knows why your life end but till you are alive “enjoy the every moments of your life” because no one knows, how will be your future? You can’t determine what will be happen in future and also you can’t change your past (currently it’s impossible or may be always impossible). So that always live your life in present. If you get some time to enjoy then never lose the chance, may be you don’t get another chance at that time you will regret yourself so it’s better to stay with time “not to early not too late”.

The problems of current generations are: -

Current generation get depressed due to their past activities and some for the future planning due to this they are wasting their present time. These types of problems is common but very dangerous because it will change your life you start to live and feel alone (Loneliness). 

Current generation also compare their life with other they don’t like what they have but they likes what the other have due to this they can’t enjoy their life. Everyone has different mentality, need, thinking, scope, complexity in life.

If everything is different then why are you comparing your life with others, it may be with whom you compare yourself that person want what you have but you like what he has.

Everyone born for any specific reason and they have some unique talent which may take time to understand so stop comparing with others start enjoying your life. Search and find your unique talent and work on it. In starting you will confuse but as soon as you spent some time you will start enjoying in your talent.

Everyone likes success people they don’t want to see how labour he/she done for that success, they just want success using backdoors or with the help of others but that success will not last more. So don’t use backdoors do anything on the basis of your attitude, behaviour and confidence?

Sometime people do everything perfect but when they are start to success at that time some people get overconfidence and his/her attitude covert into ego, that success will also don’t last long.

Life consist of 3 parts:-

1. Childhood – At that time you are new in the world everyone loves you spent some times with you. Your mind explore many things, understand life, and make friends. The best part of life is childhood.

2. Youth – At that time your body and mind are fully functional you can do anything at that time many people start earning for him or for his/her family. You can do anything, take decisions for your life and do many things.

3. Old age – At that time you enjoy your life and going towards the end of the life. Old age is same as childhood some people start caring you. You start behaving like a children.

The waste things I don’t like in the current generation is the life style which are:-

1.    3-4 years to 20-21 years spend times for basic study to decide his/her future
2.    21-50 years spend times in earning for his/her family 
3.    50+ life unable to do any hard work

People waste their life in many things yes I know it is very important but you also need to enjoy life because you will not getting another life. Life is very precious don’t waste your life in waste work.

If you get any chance to be happy then smile don’t be sad it will disturb not only mentally but also physically.

Life is like a waves of a river sometimes tides go to much high and some to touches the ground. So don’t forget land when you start flying in the sky.

One day your life will end so till you are alive love everyone don’t hate keep smiling, be healthy, stay safe. 

Why I compare life with sun?

As the sun rise the intensity and brightness is not enough or equal to negligible at that time everyone give importance to you or spend some time with you but gradually the sun go above the horizon, the intensity and brightness increase now people gradually give less importance to and start taking benefits. After some time sun is over the equator at that time sun is in his full intensity at that time no one want to face you every one scary to you but that time also fly sun start to go toward west now the intensity also going weak then again some people start giving some importance to you after some time sun reached to their destination and hide from the world.

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