What Is Loneliness

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What is loneliness?

Loneliness means alone, an unpleasant emotion. In a simple language if you are leaving alone don’t want to join your family or friends group, spending your time alone, always in deep thinking, depressed by any professional or personal cause.

Why Loneliness Happen?

Mainly when people get depressed by any cause which may be anything either personal or professional work. 
Sometime people trust on anyone but a person who trust don’t care you, ignoring you when you need him/her, bully in front of people, blaming on you when you are innocent, Laughing one your personal secret, expecting big but don’t get anything from their side.

These types of things disturb you a lot cause you mental disturb. You start feeling alone because your mind start assumption like this:-

  • * I am like a toy everyone play and throw to dustbin.
  • * No one likes me
  • * My life has no importance

If you are getting these types of thoughts then it means you are feeling alone at that time the most difficult is to stable yourself mentally because at that time many bad thinking comes in your mind which are useless and harmful for you and your life. 

At that time you need to stop overthinking, taking stress of anything. Keep calm stop using your phone or electronic device and don’t stay at home. Just go outside spend some times with nature because “Nature is best medicine for every solution”. When you get some fresh air and sound of birds chattering then automatically your stress automatically go down after spending some time with nature go to home drink water. Water is also give relief form stress then if possible spent some times with your parents but if not possible then think about them you will automatically understand the ups and down of your life.

“Two things define you, your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything”

The Problem and solution of Current Generation

In current generation around every 20th boy/girl depressed or mentally disturbed. The Age of that types of kid is around 13-17 years. These age is is very crucial age of every kids life because at that time many changes comes in body internally and externally, at that time your body start to mature many hormonal changes occurs. Your mind start discovering new things, start analysing people, attracting other peoples in simple word make friends (GF/BF). Get addiction of any good or bad things.

At that time if you are physically and mentally fit, good friend circle and free to do anything with some regular guidance then you will always motivated and be happy.
If you are fit physically and mentally but you don’t have good friend circle, too much restriction of your family, too much free no any guidance of your family then in starting you will be happy be after some time you will get mentally disturb or start feeling loneliness.

Every one life is very precious and totally different so don’t compare yourself with anyone. You are unique in all over world. If you are comparing with anyone for something then it may be the thing you have they don’t. Instead of comparing with anyone focus on yourself labour for bright future.


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