Why Did Russia Attack Ukraine

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Before we start anything let us know some history of Ukraine and Russia both were a part of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).  In 1922 USSR was established by Vladimir Lenin. In USSR there are 15 countries including Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine was a part of the USSR from 1922 to 1991.

What is NATO?

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) was established in 1950 and 30 countries are a member of NATO. The main purpose of NATO is to counter Russia. According to Article 5 of NATO – NATO can attack any country no one will interfere but if any country attacks that country that is a member of NATO then all 30 countries will attack that individual country.

America plays a master role in this if Ukraine joins NATO then according to the rule of NATO military force can move in that country who included in NATO. The plan of America is to send their military force to the Russian border means in Ukraine. After that, they will make any chance to attack Russia and if Russia will attack back then all 30 countries will attack Russia. If this will happen then there will become the worst condition as compared to the current situation of Ukraine. 

The war actually started in 2014 when Ukraine first time say that they want to join NATO. Now Russia become angry and attacked the lower part of Ukraine called krimiya and captured that area by their navy.

The benefit of that is now Russia has full control of the Ajob Ocean. At that time world watched everything but don’t interfere.

After this incident, Russia was kicked out by G8 countries. In G8 there were 8 countries which are Canada, US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Russia and Japan.

In 2015 MINSK agreement was signed in which Ukraine say they don’t want to fight and also keep in mind that there will no impact on Europe and America. 

In 2017 Ukraine again decide to join NATO and then conditions between both countries start to imbalance. On 21st February Russia announced LUHANSK & DONETSK as an independent country and on 23rd Russia attacks Ukraine. 

Why UNO doesn’t do anything?

According to article 7 of UNO (United Nations Orgainsation) that any country can’t attack another country but if any state wants to get divided by any country then there is freedom but if that country pressured that state then the neighbour country can help that state. Russia plays on that article so that UNO is unable to do anything Russia says it is just a military operation. 

If you don’t know Ukraine was developed by Russia. The mig21 plane was made in Ukraine. 

Till 1991 Ukraine has around 200 nuclear bombs but in 1996 according to the NPT (Non- Proliferation of nuclear weapons) agreement Ukraine gives their all nuclear bomb to Russia.

If Ukraine has a nuclear bomb then the condition of the current situation between the 2 countries is totally different. There will already nuclear war happen.

The demands of Russian President Vladimir Putin are to give in writing that Ukraine will never be a part of NATO and also NATO will not make Ukraine a member. 

Impact of war on India

The price of many things will go high like GAS, Petrol and Oil e.tc. Around 80% of sunflower refined oil import from Ukraine was stopped due to war this caused the price of mustard oil will go high.

America banned the SWIFT code of Russia. It means no transaction will happen between Russia to other countries. It will not impact inside the country.

What Is The SWIFT Code?

SWIFT code is used for an international transactions like IFSC which are used in India for domestic transactions.

Due to NATO & America, our country Sensex went down by 5 %. In number is around 2000 points and in value is around 10k billion dollars.

Why India doesn’t say anything about Russia?

Russia always helps India in every worst condition like when America warns nuclear attack on India then Russia defends at that time. Many time Russia help India so we can’t go against Russia. 

Around 80% of the weapon of India are imported from Russia.

If Russia nuclear attack on Ukraine then the condition of Ukraine.

If we compare the current nuclear bomb with Hiroshima bomb then there will very big margin. The amount of TNT in Hiroshima is around 14k but in the current nuclear bomb is around 20k. If we compare the damage power to the Hiroshima bomb and the current nuclear bomb then it will be around 20 times stronger. It will affect 20 times more than the Hiroshima bomb.

In Hiroshima Attack there was around 140000 people died. But if in current time a nuclear attack happens on any country then it will occur dead ratio by 20 times more. 

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