Elon Musk's Twitter. Elon Musk’s Concept Of Free Speech.

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Twitter aflame with revolt over Elon Musk takeover

Furious employees who believe Musk's Twitter grab is dangerous are venting openly, while civil liberties groups are warning that it would put too much power in the hands of one individual even though he is a free-speech absolutist.

Alarms about a Musk takeover of Twitter and what could mean for influential social media platform has erupted in different quarters in different forms. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, whom Musk overtook to become the world's wealthiest man, suggested in a tweet that Twitter could become vulnerable to pressure from Beijing, ostensibly because Tesla has big stakes in China...Read More

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Elon Musk’s Twitter: How his free speech argument could play out in India

A change that many expect is the lifting of the ban on Donald Trump. The maverick entrepreneur has also promised to open-source Twitter's algorithm, and to go after the bots crawling around the platform.

Now that the world’s wealthiest person with a reputation for unpredictable comments and inscrutable politics is owner of Twitter, how might the microblogging site that is a favourite of politicians in India — Prime Minister Narendra Modi, almost his entire Cabinet, and most Chief Ministers included — change? ...Read More

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Elon Musk’s Twitter unlikely to be a free speech haven

It’s fair to say that Elon Musk’s concept of free speech remains a nebulous idea, and regardless seems like an idea whose time is actually past 

Elon Musk has pulled off a swift, and dramatic, corporate coup, virtually bullying Twitter into agreeing to an acquisition for about $44 billion — likely the single-largest acquisition by an individual. But the next step in recreating the microblogging platform as a bastion of free speech is going to take considerably longer, and doubtless will be far more difficult.

The South African-born entrepreneur whose ambitions span environment, space, and the Internet is in parts a genius and a maverick. He recently called himself as a “free speech absolutist,” but his free speech credentials are highly questionable. ...Read More

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Musk will not buy Twitter, Putin will not attack Ukraine: We live in a world impossible to read | OPINION

Pundits nowadays are more wrong than right. And the reason is that we live in a world where the sand is shifting beneath our feet and no one, not even pundits and experts, knows what lies beneath it.

Just 12 days ago, when Elon Musk sent his letter to the Twitter Board outlining his “best and final offer” to purchase the website, many people termed it one of his jokes. That it was not a joke became clear a few days later when reports started coming that Musk was raising money to make his offer come true. But even then, experts with decades of experience and a billion connections in Silicon Valley believed that Musk would not be able to buy Twitter. There were many arguments. Some thought that no one, not even Elon Musk, would pay something like $44 billion for Twitter, a service considered nonviable in terms of business...Read More

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Parag Agrawal's Twitter Dream Lasts Only for 5 Months? What Next for the CEO

Elon Musk takes over Twitter: What will happen to Parag Agrawal and his role when Elon Musk takes charge of the social media platform by the end of this year?

Parag Agrawal an alumnus of IIT-Bombay and a veteran at Twitter took charge of the micro-blogging site from co-founder Jack Dorsey in November last year. A well-known name in the San Francisco office, Agrawal has been with Twitter for a decade. He has started his journey at the company in 2011 and also served as chief technology officer (CTO) since October 2017 before assuming the role of the chief operating officer (CEO). From managing the company’s technical strategy to overseeing machine learning and AI and re-accelerating user growth and scaling ads system and revenue, Agrawal has been one of the key instrumental figures behind making Twitter what it is today. Now, Elon Musk is all set to buy his favorite social media platform for $44 billion. What will happen to Agrawal and his role when Tesla boss takes charge of the social media platform by the end of this year?...Read More

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"We Have Rules": EU's Reminder As Elon Musk Prepares To Take Twitter

The European Union's internal market chief said on Tuesday it was not up to Brussels to comment on Elon Musk's acquisition of the social media site Twitter, but recalled that the bloc now has strict rules for online platforms to tackle illegal content.

"It will be up to Twitter to adapt themselves ... to our rules," Thierry Breton told Reuters and one other media outlet on the deal sealed by Tesla's chief executive to buy Twitter Inc. for $44 billion.

"I think Elon Musk knows Europe very well. He knows very well that we have some rules for the automotive industry ... Read More

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Twitter is protecting its source code from disgruntled employees, reports say

Twitter locked down its source code to prevent unauthorized changes, sources familiar with the matter told Bloomberg. The reports say that this change was made to prevent employees from “going rogue” and sabotaging the platform after Elon Musk’s $44 billion purchase of the company. Currently, a vice president must approve any changes.

Twitter declined to comment on the matter.

After the company announced it would accept Musk’s offer to buy the publicly traded platform, it wasn’t immediately clear to Twitter’s 7,000 employees how their day-to-day would change. Even after a company all-hands, where CEO Parag Agrawal reassured the team that no layoffs were planned...Read More


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